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Souskays and Chiquetailles, Terrines, Sauces, Snacking, pasta…

The Ambassador of Caribbean Flavours

Born in 1994 from the will of a woman in order to perpetuate the Caribbean culinary tradition, our company Local Delights SARL, an artisanal business in its infancy, has rapidly evolved to become an innovative SME. Our products are made from noble raw materials, rigorously selected. By investing in research and development, Local Delights SARL ensures the quality of its products and regularly markets new products to meet the current aspirations of consumers and restaurant professionals.

It's so good!

Created initially for export, our Ti’ Délice brand is now also present in the local market. It distinguishes itself from its big sister, Local Delights, by a smaller grammage, and aims to be an innovative brand in perpetual development. In 2017 it has expanded with new flavours such as Chicken Curry Chiquetaille, and continues to expand with products such as Lambi’s Velouté.

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