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Local SarL Delights

A love story between tradition and authenticity… a multifaceted company that enriches the Martinique industry with its know-how and the desire to perpetuate the Caribbean culinary tradition.

Our story

Born in 1994 from the will of a woman in order to perpetuate the Caribbean culinary tradition, Local Delights SARL, an artisanal business in its infancy, has rapidly evolved into an innovative SME. The changing needs of the housewife and lifestyles (preferences for simple and practical products, search for time savings) have promoted the development of our products.
Our dishes (appertized, ready to use) respond perfectly to this evolution where there is little time left for culinary preparation: solution of complete speed, ready to eat, portions made at will.
Our products are made from noble raw materials, rigorously selected.
By investing in research and development, Local Delights SARL ensures the quality of its products and regularly markets new products to meet the current aspirations of consumers and restaurant professionals.

Our mission

You discover the richness and authenticity of the Caribbean culinary tradition, through a wide range of products combining know-how, taste and quality. All this already cooked and ready to use, to simplify your daily cooking preparations.

Our know-how

Specializing in the processing and canning of seafood and land products, our products (packaged in glass jars) are made with pure respect for local recipes.
Find the right and good taste, through authentic and natural flavors, that is to say without preservatives or dyes, in order to bring you this feeling of satisfaction, well-being and pleasure in the mouth. Offer recipes with Caribbean culinary touch.

Unrivalled quality

Committed to a quality approach, with all the requirements demanded by the agri-food industry, we would like to contribute to the development of the richness of caribbean gastronomic heritage with:

  • Daily quality monitoring with compliance with the “Hygiene Package” and the application of the HACCP method.
  • Traceability of raw materials chosen for their quality.

Also, samples of each batch manufactured are collected and tasted by a panel composed by the members of our teams. A key step to ensure the visual and taste quality of the products. Thus, throughout the manufacturing process, we carry out regular quality checks.

A few dates

Start of the adventure Local Delights “Craft Company”.


Mr Alex EDMOND, current Director, joins the Local Delights adventure.


Modernization of the production tool “Industrialization of the activity”.


Launch of the brand’s Butter range


Local Delights wins the “Golden Award For Food and Beverages” trophy.


Launch of the range of Terrines of Local Delights.


Local Delights wins the Youth and Enterprise Association’s Innovation Award.


Expansion of the Souskays range with the launch of meat products.


Launch of the Ti’ Délice brand, a range of dry products on sale in supermarkets.


Expanding the Condiments range with 4 new products: Dog Sauce, Sweet Caribbean Sauce, Strong Caribbean Sauce, Caribbean Ginger Sauce and Colombo Pasta.

Our brands
The Ambassador of Caribbean Flavours

Since 1994, Local Delights SARL has preserved all the flavours of our Caribbean cuisine through a wide range of products combining know-how, taste and quality. Products made from noble raw materials, rigorously selected. Its goal: to offer you healthy, gourmet and high quality taste products! Moments of taste pleasure in which you will find all the richness and authenticity of the culinary tradition of the West Indies.

It's so good!

Created initially for export, our Ti’ Délice brand is now also present in the local market. It distinguishes itself from its big sister, Local Delights, by a smaller grammage, and aims to be an innovative brand in perpetual development. In 2017 it has expanded with new flavours such as Chicken Curry Chiquetaille, and continues to expand with products such as Lambi’s Velouté. Its objective will make you enjoy quality and ready-to-use products, while leaving a taste imprint of the West Indies.

Our ranges
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